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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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Comments Regarding ASMFC's Attempt To End Overfishing of Atlantic Menhaden;


"Striped Bass Health and Productivity Linked To Menhaden management"

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New Research

Ecological Depletion Of Atlantic Menhaden & Bay Anchovy
Effects On Atlantic Coast Striped Bass 2010

First Year-Round Ecological Study of Large Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass

Ecological depletion of ages 0&1 menhaden and bay anchovy in the upper Chesapeake Bay has lowered the carrying capacity for striped bass less than 24". Ecological depletion of adult menhaden and adult bay anchovy in mid-Atlantic waters has disrupted the coastal biotic community and lowered the carrying capacity for striped bass greater than 28".
A menhaden minimum size of 10" would benefit predators nutritionally dependent on menhaden by augmenting the severely depleted prey base in Chesapeake Bay and mid-Atlantic coastal waters.

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PowerPoint Presentation.
Presented at the N.O.A.A. Chesapeake Bay Office
2009 Fisheries Science Symposium

Held at Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, Laurel, MD
(presentation updated April 2009)

Atlantic Menhaden

Atlantic menhaden are the most important and one of the most abundant fish species in the Chesapeake Bay.The Bay is the largest nursery area for juvenile menhaden along the Atlantic coast; menhaden utilize almost the entire Bay and it's tributaries.

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